On behalf of PPPC I’d like to welcome everyone to Vancouver for the 18th annual International Pulp Week!

It is aways great to meet with our pulp industry friends and colleagues in this beautiful part of the world. As usual, the past year has provided us with lots of challenges, but the good news is that the world continues to return to our normal traditions and attending International Pulp Week is a real spring tradition!

The PPPC team has a great program for us in the 2023 version of International Pulp Week.

In this 3 day event we will provide you with an in depth look at the prospects for the Chinese market as its population and economy emerge from lockdown, an overview of the total fiber basket, including market pulp, recovered fiber and recycled pulp, and a review of the key end-use markets for pulp globally. We will also explore the many opportunities that exist for the pulp and paper industry through innovation in offering alternatives to existing plastics based materials through to the construction industry, and the positive impact the industry can have in global efforts to minimise carbon emissions. Please join us in welcoming our speakers and panelists by participating in these informative sessions on the latest industry developments.

Warm regards,

Ken Duffy, Chairman of the MPA
Vice President, Commercial