Michael Rushton

Chief Operating Officer
Suzano Canada

Mike Rushton graduated as a chemical engineer in England in the mid 70’s after which he moved to Canada, working in a variety of process industries – oil refining, pulp and paper, chemicals, metal smelting and alternative energy, moving from technical roles to commercial and executive positions. In 2006, Mike joined Lignol Innovations, a company developing biorefinery processes and lignin applications. In 2015, Fibria, which subsequently became Suzano, acquired the assets of Lignol and established Suzano Canada in Burnaby, BC. Suzano is a Brazilian company and global leader in sustainable plantation forestry and eucalyptus pulp production, as well as paper, consumer products and biomaterials.  As Chief Operating Officer, Mike is responsible for the operation of Suzano Canada, which is engaged in Technology and Innovation to support Suzano’s bio-businesses.