Conference Speakers

James Li James Li

General Manager Business Unit
Oji Paper International Trading

James has close to 30 years experience in pulp sales and marketing. Currently he serves as the General Manager of Business Units in Oji Paper International Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. (OPIT), the trading arm of Japanese Oji Group. His main responsibility is to lead his team to sell various pulp grades from Oji Group to customers in Asia and mainly in China, which includes bleached and unbleached, chemical and mechanical, paper grade and specialty (DP), China domestic made and imported etc., with an annual volume of about 600,000 tons. Before joining Oji, James held S&M Management positions in several pulp and paper players including CNPPC, April and Paccess. James received both his bachelor and masters diploma on Paper Chemistry in 1985 and 1988. He later obtained his Executive MBA from Guanghua Business School in Peking University in 2005.